Laser diode & Diode laser
375nm-12um LD/DL, DFB/FP laser diode, Gas sensing laser, Structured laser, LD driver

375-1550nm singlemode laser
freespace, SM/PM/MM fiber, single frequency option, 375-1064nm combiner, 4 wavelengths, 515/1030nm pulsed laser
445-1850nm multimode high power LD
freespace and MM fiber, power 300mw-10w, array10-40w 660 670 680 690 730 750 760 795 1064nm
405-1550nm singlemode, multimode LD
SM/PM/MM fiber
1060-1750nm singlemode FP LD
905-1985nm multimode FP LD
Gas sensing LD

DFB laser, TO/14-pin
Structured laser
Laser diode driver
Laser diode controller

World’s Smallest Lasers for Spectroscopy, LiDAR and Quantum

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SiC光源 ZnSe分束片 ZnSe窗片 MCT探测器 FTIR光谱仪
THz晶体 Golay探测器 THz相机 THz成像 THz光谱仪
KY-90深度仪 SPF-290AS测定仪 准直仪 角度仪 光斑分析仪
ATR探头 UVLED 滤光片 光栅 偏振片 探测器