Diode laser
375-1985nm, customized laser
1)SM/MM diode laser 405-1550nm
SM narrow line-width<1pm diode laser 405-1550nm
Multi-Wavelength combiner laser and RGB laser
405/450/488nm 520/561nm 633nm/638/660nm 785/830nm
2)SM diode laser 355-1064nm
SM fiber coupled diode laser 375-1064nm
3)MM laser diode 0.3-10w 445-1850nm
MM array laser diode 10-40w 660 670 680 690 730 750 760 795 1064nm
MM fiber coupled laser diode 445-1850nm
4)SM/MM laser diode 405-1550nm
SM/PM/MM fiber coupled laser diode 405-1550nm
turn-key diod laser
5)SM laser diode up to 50mw 1060-1750nm
MM laser diode up to 5w 905-1985nm
405nm  488nm  505nm  638nm
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