OEM and ODM for the lasers
Repair for the lasers
Advantages of HeNe lasers
     Beam quality, Narrow linewidth, Alignment, Robustness against retro-reflection
Advantages of Diode lasers
    High output power, Small size, Variety of frequencies
Typical Applications
    FTIR  Metrology  Polarization  Alignment
    Semiconductor inspection
    DNA sequencing  Flow cytometry  Raman  Confocal microscopy  Hematology
    Imaging&Medical equipment
    Ellipsometry  Particle counting

Axsys 150
Zygo 7701 Zygo 7702 Zygo 7705 Zygo 7712 Zygo 7714 Zygo 7724
Keysight 5517A Keysight 5517B Keysight 5517C
Keysight 5517D Keysight 5517DL Keysight 5517GL
Keysight 5518A Keysight 5519A Keysight 6619B
Keysight Z4203B Keysight Z4203C Keysight Z4203D
Keysight Z4203E Keysight Z4203P
NEC/Showa GLG5414 NEC/Showa GLG5323
Nexus 870 Nicolet 6700
Thermo Fisher IS50 Thermo Fisher IS10 Thermo Fisher IN10
PerkinElmer 1760 PerkinElmer Frontier
PerkinElmer Spectrum 1 PerkinElmer Spectrum 100
PerkinElmer BX RX GX
Omni-X Scanner

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